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DreamBox SE


New product

DreamBox SE


DreamBox SE Supported platforms

•A2 (CID 49, 51, 52)



•DB2020 (CID 49/51/52)





DreamBox SE - Features


Sony Ericsson S1 NEPTUNE

•Standalone Unlock (AID<4 without tp, AID4 by TestPoint)

•Multiflash Main Firmware/File System

•Read/write TA

•Phone customization

•Read phone info

•Reset User Lock

•Reset Call Timer


Sony Ericsson S1 LOCOSTO

•Unlock All Locks (with tp by patch for new security)

•Standalone Unlock by patch for all supported S1 platform based models

•Multiflash Main Firmware/File System using DCU-60 cable (for models with USB)

•Multiflash Main Firmware/File System using box

•Read/Write TA

•Read phone info

•Reset User Lock

•Reset Call Timer


Sony Ericsson A2 (DB3150, DB3200, DB3210, DB3350) CID49, 51, 52, 53

•Unlock and Repair Security Blocks

•Standalone Reset Based Unlock (without TestPoint)

•Multiflash Main Firmware/File System using DCU-60 cable

•Read/write GDFS + TA

•Phone customization

•Read phone info

•Reset User Lock

•Reset Call Timer

•Read/Write Full Flash (for DB3150, DB3210).


Sony Ericsson A1 DB2012 (CID51, 52, 53), DB2020 (CID49, 51, 52, 53)

•Repair GDFS (even on totally dead phones, without TestPoint)

•Reset Based permanent Unlock (without TestPoint)

•Repair "5 Locks Closed" and "Red Blinking"

•Support for “empty board” flashing

•Multiflash FOTA/Main Firmware/File System using DCU-60 cable

•Read/write full flash

•Read/write GDFS

•Phone customization

•Change CDA

•Reset User Lock

•Reset Call Timer

•Read phone info

•Read phone internal diagnostic log

•Support firmware in *.ssw, *.mbn, *.fbn, *.dtf formats and customization packs in *.dta and *.zip formats

•Upgrade CID

•Change CID to any (in security bypass mode)

•The flashing of any handset doesn’t depend on flash file CID version. The phone can be flashed with flash file of any CID version. "Security Bypass" mode required.


Sony Ericsson PNX platform (CID51, 52, 53)

•Multiflash FOTA/Main Firmware/File System using DCU-60 cable

•Read/write GDFS

•Phone customization

•Change CDA

•Read phone info

•Reset User Lock

•Reset Call Timer

•Read phone internal diagnostic log

•Upgrade CID (from 51, 52 to 52, 53)


Siemens (EGOLD starting from x45 and all SGOLD)

•Supporting almost all EGOLD-platform Siemens phones without cutting tracks

•Support almost all SGOLD Siemens phones without disassembling

•Unlock all locks and phone code

•Allow SP-Lock to any network

•Read/write EEPROM, firmware, flash

•Fast read/write language packs/T9 packs

•Repair all dead phones

•Repair IMEI

•Soft works at all known SW versions

•Flash bootcore in S-Gold

•Can read/write custom flash blocks

•Can use Original Siemens Service ffs file format (*.xfs)

•Can write Signed Software in SWUP Mode (*.exe, *.xbi, *.xbz, *.xfs)

•Can use other flash formats (*.bin, Original Siemens Service and Update file format(*.exe))

•Can manage/viewing phone's boot keys

•Can use original Siemens map files

•Contrast adjusting

•Phone battery calibration

•Format FFS (Mobile Flash File System)

•High volume automation of all operations

•Scenario (multiply operation execution in loop) - special for unlock/flash of plenty of phones


General features

•Multilanguage interface (user customizable .lng files)

•Firmware upgrade over internet

•TestPoint connection auto detect

•Multiple box operation on single pc

•All TestPoint pictures included in software

•Drivers for 32 and 64 bit Windows including Windows 7

•A large and convenient flash files database


Supported Sony Ericsson models:

•Sony Ericsson C series ◦C510







•Sony Ericsson G series ◦G502



•Sony Ericsson F series ◦F100



•Sony Ericsson J series ◦J10






•Sony Ericsson K series ◦K310

















•Sony Ericsson R series ◦R300



•Sony Ericsson S series ◦S302




•Sony Ericsson T series ◦T250








•Sony Ericsson U series ◦U10



•Sony Ericsson V series ◦V630



•Sony Ericsson W series ◦W20




























•Sony Ericsson X series ◦X5


•Sony Ericsson Z series ◦Z250











Dreambox SE provides service, flash and repair of Siemens cell phones

We also offer You to Upgrade Dreambox to Dreambox SE


DreamBox SE Package Content*

•Dreambox SE

•TP cable

•USB connector cable

•DCU-60 Dreambox USB data cable

• Dreambox SE data cable

•DreamBox cable for Sony Ericsson J132

•Cables to connect with phones (for Siemens A31, for old models, for new models)

•1 year (with 10 GB download limit) of FREE access to flash file download area at Boot-Loader V2.0


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