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X-Ray Inspection System
Micro-focus X-Ray

High defect coverage and repeatability

Hamamatsu X-Ray Tube up to 5 µm detail detectability

Rayence HD Flat Panel Detector , speed up to 35 fps

BGA/LED SMD Rework System
Optical Semi-automatic

Stable and Uniform Hot Air Heating System
Lower Heater Adjustable
Carbon Fiber Micro-crystalline Infrared Preheater
Automatic Placement, Soldering, Desoldering

LCD Repair System
LCD TAB Bonding for COF Repair

PLC control, pulse heating mode

Combined with titanium alloy extrusion head

Rapid heating and rapid cooling

Accurate temperature control

Precision automatic
Rework BGA

Suitable for normal SMD (BGA, QFP,etc.)

Micro-SMD Components Repair

Support P08 Small pitch LED beads

Complete Rework Station solution
to solder and rework all kind of SMDs

Manages up to 2 tools simultaneously

It provides the best soldering quality JBC Soldering System

The necessary tools and accessories to make your job

Professional workbenches
Workstation with ESD protection

An ergonomic, modular, and adaptable industrial workbench

A wide range of accessories and add-ons – easy to customise

Various sizes and combinations

The frame, table top, and accessories available with ESD protection